Friday, December 12, 2014

BPR Interview with Gunnar Deatherage

Project Runway All-Star designer, Gunnar Deatherage talks about his experience on the show.

A highlight:

 BPR:  You have been a lot of fun to watch this season.  What did you do to prepare for the show?

GD:  I went shopping, and that was about it.  I haven't sewn in about two years.  I took a full-time job as the creative director and fashion editor of a magazine in Louisville.  It's more about styling.  Honestly on the show, I just tried to be myself. 

BPR:  Please tell us more about the magazine.

GD:  It's an Arts & Philanthropy magazine called NFocus Louisville, so, every month I do covers and fashion spreads.  It allows me to do creative shoots all the time.  As much as I love designing, I really love styling.  I create the sets, choose the models, the hair, the accessories.  I love it. 

BPR:  Who is your best friend from the cast?

GD:  Definitely Michelle.  I actually think I am going to shoot her lookbook later this month. 

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Thank you Gunnar!