Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Happy Anniversary Project Runway!

Our favorite show premiered ten years ago today!  

I was eagerly waiting for the first episode and loved it from the very start, but I didn't know anyone else who watched.

An online search revealed no website devoted exclusively to Project Runway.  There were reality-television sites and fashion sites that included recaps - not always kind recaps - but nothing for devoted fans of the show.   The Bravo network website was barely functioning.  It's hard to imagine now, but the internet was much smaller.

I had a personal blog and I knew just enough to get started so I decided I would try to reach some other fans of the show.

Tbone (Patrick) and The Scarlett (Sue Ellen) joined me very quickly and we have been a team ever since.  We consider BPR to be a clearinghouse for information about the show and the designers. We also consider BPR to be a community of fans.  Thank you for joining us!

Click here to read "How Project Runway Changed Reality TV" from Entertainment Weekly.