Friday, October 01, 2010

Mondo In Denver

BPR field reporter Sarah (aka Studio Concrete) was on hand at Mondo Guerra's charity auction event in Denver last night and sends in this report:

The event was a charity auction for Rainbow Alley & Colorado AIDS Project. There was a silent auction with donations from many of the contestants, judges and from Tim Gunn, with many other fun things to purchase.

It was very crowded, and from what the friendly guy from the shop next door told us, it keeps getting more crowded every week. The night went well from the charity end, from what could be seen
, with
live auction for a lunch with the two designers going for over $400. There was a line stretching the length of the main room of Beauty Bar to have one's picture taken with Michael and Mondo.

One of Heidi Klum's donations: Heidi Klum Barbie (this one was so cool)

What can I say? This was such an amazing, powerful evening. To see this episode with Mondo and his friends, family and fans present was something I will never forget. There was wild applause for Mondo throughout the runway show, cheers and tears for his sharing of his story, and a deafening roar when Mondo won the challenge.

Mondo and Michael are really nice, sweet, humble people, too. They called Cheryl and myself "our blogger ladies" and offered us both a very kind goodbye when we took off. Mondo even handed me my camera bag that I had left in a weird spot.

All in all, an unforgettable night. I will offer you all I can to get a feel for it.

Thank you to Tran from The Fabric Lab, the folks at Beauty Bar Denver, the nice people we met (what a great crowd!) and especially to Michael Costello for his commitment to being there for this special evening, and of course to Mondo Guerra for being a true inspiration to us all.

Thank you Sarah! Click here for more photos from the event.