Sunday, October 03, 2010

More Mondo In Denver

Photo: Vivid Photography Studio

BPR field reporter Sarah sends more from Mondo's charity auction:

It was a great evening of laughter and tears. Michael C did some amazing impressions of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. He also expressed how important it was to be with Mondo for this night, and let the crowd know that if we thought there was a waterworks on the show, "you should have seen it when we got back to the apartment!" Clearly, Mondo has moved so many of the contestants. A great deal of the designers who were still on and who were already auf'd has items to donate. To name just a few: Michael C., Peach and Ivy donated dresses, and Jason donated the bowler hat he wore on the show. Everything sold.

One of the most touching things Mondo said right after the show, was that he felt part of reason HIV is such an epidemic is that people are afraid to talk about it. He also said that we need to push forward, not go backward. He thanked everyone for being there, and said that he could really feel the love in the room.

Click here for more photos from the event.