Monday, June 11, 2007

BPR at "Reality Check"

Los Angeles-based field reporter Jonathan Trimm attended the "Reality Check" event and sends us this great story. Thanks again, Jonathan.

On Friday night, reality stars gathered together at MJ's Nightclub in Silverlake California, to help raise funds for the Trevor Project, and to kick off Pride Week.

Two of our favorite PR contestants, and one very memorable model were on hand to support this event and the amazing organization. Nick Verreos was on hand greeting the crowd and talking to other reality stars and fans alike. He was there with David Paul, and excited about the new things happening in his life. With his GenArts work, he has travelled all over the US, including: Chicago, Phoenix, and many other cities.

Andrae Gonzalo was also on hand and extremely excited to support the event and the work it is doing to help the homosexual community and especially the youth. Andrae is still teaching at FIDM, and designing for private clients. When asked about the possibility of working with Jamie Benson again on another dance event, he said it was an amazing experience that he would not rule-out, but there is nothing in the works right now.

The lovely Amanda Fields was also at the event. Currently she is attending acting classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and wanting to move into acting while still carrying on her modeling career. She also gave a heads up to the fact that some
of Uli Herzner's designs are in the window of a store called Horn on Robertson Blvd. She is also still doing runway modeling.

The Trevor Project is an amazing organization that was created to help people through tough situations. Based off a short film call "Trevor," which focused on a 13 year-old who tried to take his life after being shunned at school because of his homosexuality, the Trevor Project created in 1998, is a suicide and crisis help-line for gay youth and adults. It is a 24 hours/ 7 days a week line. Via the organization's website, the Trevor Helpline has taken over 96,000 phone calls since its beginning. In 2004, the group extended its support to other methods, including teaching guides, etc. It was a great event and supported an even better organization.