Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More News!

Tim Gunn makes his debut as "Tim Well Done" in this week's episode of Sprays in the City. Be sure to vote at the end and enter the contest for the $10,000 shopping spree. Thanks Cody.

Also, for designers, Babylock is sponsoring a Passion For Fashion design contest. Please let us know if you plan to enter.

There is lots of press coverage of the Trevor Project benefit. Tim Gunn, Daniel Vosovic and Andy Cohen were among those attending. Check out Broadway World, (Thanks Deb) The Observer, A Socialite's Life, and of course Andy Cohen's Outzone Blog.

Meanwhile, Mychael Knight was at the BET Awards. There is coverage at fellow blogger Young, Black and Fabulous.

Mychael will also be presenting a fashion show this Friday night in Birmingham. Please let us know if you are planning to attend. We would love a field report.

Here is a new interview with Tim Gunn.

Here is one with Heidi - thanks Wendie.

Anyone watching this?

Finally, I enjoyed this blogger's post about visiting Jay McCarroll!