Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fourth Quarter of 2007

Every day we receive e-mails from fans asking "When will Season Four Begin?" As far as we know, the show returns during the "Fourth quarter of 2007." We don't know which month, which week or which day.

We know for certain that they are filming season four right now and we have had several spottings of the designers.

We also receive daily e-mails about the release date of the season three DVD. We don't know when it will be available and when I asked Andy Cohen and he said he "Had no idea." Of course, you can download every episode from iTunes. ALSO - there is a season three MARATHON today, so you could set the recorder. The DVD will hopefully have some extra bonus features and really, that's what we are interested in, right? The stuff we haven't seen before. Also, the "Wear are they now?" feature. I hope they do a story about Emmett. It's overdue.

In the meantime, dear BPRs if you hear anything about the release date of the DVD, please let us know.

I'll be back with the news a little later.