Monday, July 30, 2007

John P Reports from the Bad Boys Event in San Francisco

BPR Field Reporter Extraordinaire, John Patsais brings us this wonderful report from the "Bad Boys of the Runway" event in San Francisco. Thanks again, John P, and thanks also to Marc Huestis for inviting us along!

In the City by the Bay, known all over the world for its open-mindedness to everything from politics to fashion, the fashionistas, pop culture enthusiasts, poseurs, and curiosity-seekers of San Francisco were treated to a display of glamorous and cutting edge fashions this past Friday evening. The famous Castro Theater served as a haven for fashion fans who were treated to dazzling displays of sartorial genius and unbridled ingenuity via classic film clips as well as contemporary designers and local drag artistes. In this “anything goes” city, a fashion designer with an “outside the box” mentality, vision, passion, and cutting edge aesthetic could very well find success. Project Runway alums Santino Rice and Jeffrey Sebelia may have very well found a second home outside of Los Angeles, judging by the reception they received from San Francisco locals during the “Bad Boys of the Runway” event. Host Marc Huestis led the panel discussion, and we were quickly reminded why Rice and especially Sebelia have duly earned their reputations.

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