Thursday, May 01, 2008

Field Report From Boston

Aletta S sends us this fabulous field report from Boston - thank you Aletta!

Dear BPR:

Last night I went to 11 Minutes at the Independent Film Festival Boston. What fun!

I went to an early show of another movie, and sat on the side in comfy chairs for the hour and a half between showings while the rest of the world waited outside in the pouring rain. Who should sit next to me, but Jay McCarroll himself! He offered me some potato chips and we had a fun chat.

The movie was received with resounding applause. Afterwords, Jay and his directors fielded questions from the audience. Above is a picture of Michael Selditch and Rob Tate wearing Jay originals which looked great. Unfortunately you can't really see the vest in the photo which has colorful Jay-circle appliques and gold thread.

Jay was candid, funny, risque, and thoroughly enjoyable. So was the movie! A great night --