Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday News

Renee K noted that Nick Verreos was seated several rows in front of her at the World Skating Championships in Los Angeles on Saturday. She sends this report:

During the resurfacing of the ice, I saw him stand up and turn my way. I pointed at him and crooked my finger signaling him to come up to my row. (Picture of him walking in the aisle). Surprisingly, he did. What a delight!!! I can only add to the others who have posted about meeting him to say that he couldn't have been nicer. He looked fabulous.
Thrilled, I introduced myself, told him how much I enjoyed his work and also told him I had been looking for him the entire time to which he replied, "You know I love figure skating, especially the outfits." I said he should have been there all week as there had been some doozies. Anyway, he agreed to having a picture taken with me.
Of all the wonderful things I experienced during the event, I have to admit, this one was my personal highlight.

In other Nick news: Attention San Antonio - Uncle Nick is coming to town. And if you are really ambitious, a quick scoot up I-35 will earn you a visit with Elisa Jimenez and her new affordable line of fashions. Two of our favorites in Texas on the same day!