Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Project Runway Season Six Premiere This Summer!

At last we have confirmation of the Season Six premiere. According to this press release, Project Runway will air in the "Summer of 2009" on the newly-formed Weinstein Network.

TWN will launch programming in June 2009 with a marathon of Weinstein hit movies including
Clerks II and Who's Your Caddy?

Aiming for an upscale viewership, TWN hopes to build momentum toward the Project Runway premiere "later in the summer."

According to a Weinstein press representative, "All legal matters have been resolved and we are moving forward with our plans to air Project Runway on the new network. Also, season 7 will be filmed in New York City this June."

(Casting information has been posted on Craig's List as well as on the network's
new website.)

Asked to comment about Season Six, Tim Gunn responded, "I firmly believe that this cast is the most talented group ever. Season 6 will prove to be the best one ever."

Co-executive producer and host of the show, Heidi Klum claims that, "Harvey is a loyal friend and one of the most beloved men in Hollywood. I count on him to make the impossible possible."

Weinstein continues, "I am tired of piddling around with these other networks, I figure I can just start my own."

Bob Weinstein will head up the new venture. "My brother has always wanted to be a network honcho and we feel like the time is right," says Harvey of his more silent sibling. Also joining the team,
Dr. Louis Aronne whom Harvey refers to as his "mentor and life-coach," as well as American Idol host and celebrity wrangler, Ryan Seacrest.

When quizzed about the choice of Seacrest for Vice-President of Reality Programming, Weinstein quipped, "Everything he touches turns to gold. Hell yes, I wanted Seacrest."

TWN will have a "strong reality show presence" with plans to begin filming a new competitive-reality series about dog grooming called "Project Puppy," and another as-yet-unnamed project about celebrity bloggers.

In related news, the Project Runway Season Five DVD is now available.
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