Monday, April 20, 2009

Yankee Doodle Dandies

Photo courtesy of Wes Feld Design

Okay - we love this. The most storied franchise in Major League Baseball picked a couple of class guys to outfit the luxury suite staff at the sparkling new Yankee Stadium. Let Wesley Neault and Daniel Feld tell the rest:

Hi BPR!!!

It has been a crazy few weeks for us at Wes Feld. Thursday, April 16th marked the grand opening of the new Yankee Stadium. After several meetings with the Yankees, including Ms. Jenny Steinbrenner, we created a great little wardrobe for each of the the staff members of the luxury suites.

The looks included a raglan-cap sleeved dress with ruffled shirt yoke, a relaxed trouser and striped shirt with piped bias yoke, and a pleated wrap skirt and striped shirt with shadow ruffle. It was down to the last second sewing over 170 pieces in just under a month and tailoring each of the garments to every single staff member.

We have to especially thank Stella Zotis who is an angel sent from fashion heaven. Even though she was feeling a bit under the weather, Stella spent several late nights with us making sure everything was finished for opening day. We adore and are forever greatful to her! We also wanted to thank our dear friend Brian Dargiewicz who also came out to the rescue! He's an amazing guy, learning how to sew buttons on the spot. Phewwwwf..... it's finally done and we can go back to working on our own collection!!!

Stella does the Yankees! Just another springtime in New York...