Monday, February 15, 2010

Irina Shabayeva - Fall 2010

BPR Field Reporter Mark Y attended Irina's Show on Saturday night and sent us this report. Thank you Mark!

Irina's flight theme was evident in the use of feathers and wing motifs. The venue was very nice, with a white runway, drapes and chairs. There were striking Irina tote bags on each chair. Eighty-four seats and as many and more stood behind on both sides.

Many staffers in black, all teched up, and an obvious, but not in your face, presence of the Tupperware sponsorship which I think is very smart. Several people were obviously bussed from the tents because they were carrying the DHL vinyl bag many of which disappeared into Irina's chic black and white tote. I got a look inside the bag - all the items were in a Tupperware storage bin, another smart touch, a cookie, which my neighbor shared with me and make up mostly.

Waiters passed wine and special cocktails, pink and yellow. The music came on around 7:00 and amped up the excitement.

The collection reminded me throughout of Irina's Aspen Challenge look. Remember? The hooded knit vest? Variations on that. More glamour and less edge than her Bryant Park finale.

Several fantasy looks at the end in black, white, black and white and of course the feather dress which Kaelyn wore as the final look. Kalyn told me from her perch that it was quite comfortable.

It was quite a spectacular show and I was thrilled to be there.


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