Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leanne Marshall - Fall 2010

Amanda Fields for Leanne Marshall, Fall 2010 All photos: Coutorture

Leanne Marshall's Fall 2010 Collection was inspired by topography - yes, maps! The influence is evident here:

...and in many of the other looks from the collection. The talented season five winner presented a full range of garments including coats, skirts, jackets, cocktail dresses, and gowns.

Leanne admits working until the last minute and without sleep for 48 hours! She had help from fellow Project Runway alums, Maya Luz and Suede.

Our "Man on the scene," Mark Y, sat with Wesley Nault and Jennifer Diederich. He reports that Korto Momolu, Jay McCarroll, Ben Chmura and Jonathan Peters were in attendance. Season five model Karalyn West was also in the show. Mark describes the collection as glamorous and still "very Leanne." She has a distinctive look that is always fresh and original.

Click here for more images from the collection.