Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Runway Fantasy Game Update from Mark Y - Week 5

Tots on the Runway!

Tonight should be a real hoot. Last week Tim called Episode 5 the biggest challenge in PR history awarding a shot of Heidi in the winning designer's look on the cover of Marie Claire ( SJP in S4 was the biggest challenge, if y'ask me.) This week appears to be the smallest challenge with pint-sized divas strutting and vamping in front of the judges.

So who to pick for a stylish Fantasy Team? Seth Aaron is a dad and should be able communicate with kids. Anthony has a great big smile so I think he'll be able to charm them into even their least favorite color. Pictures indicate that Emilio and Jesse grew up with siblings. And Mila was pretty in pink as little girl and seemed to love parties and puppies so she should know what little girls like.

I think I'm sticking with my team from last week. Amy looks kinda' dour but I don't trust preview editing. So that's that for me - Anthony, Amy and Mila, in alphabetical order.

So does anyone have any untold gossip from Fashion Week that we haven't heard yet? And, I'd like to add that the PR_Superfans team has more than 100 members. If our team had a uniform, which PR designer would you choose to design it?

See you all in the BPR Party Room tonight.