Monday, April 19, 2010

Chloe Dao's "Lightness" Fashion Show - Field Report from John C

Hey BPR!

I had the pleasure of attending Chloe Dao's "Lightness" show this weekend (it helped that it was held across the street from my house,) and what a show it was! This was by far Chloe's best show in terms of production and design. The cocktail hour before the show featured a string quartet playing the likes of Gnarls Barkley and Britney Spears (I'm hiring them for my future wedding!), with a smooth segue way to a rock opera tone at the start of the show. The show benefited the Fairy Godmother Project, a local organization that provides prom dresses to in-need high school students.

Chloe's collection featured a mix of summer dresses and evening gowns. The first half of the show portrayed the lightness of the season with shorter dresses in light green and blue hues, each featuring unique detailing in the back. The softer fabrics used for some dresses gave the effect of a light wind blowing down the runway with the models. The second half of the show featured evening wear. Going almost exclusively white, the dresses exuded the formal yet relaxed feel of a high-end summer resort, the likes of the Hamptons, South Beach, and the Caribbean.

You can watch the entire show at ustream. Fast forward to about 20:00 to catch the start of the show!

Congrats to Chloe and the entire Lot 8 crew for another amazing show!

John C