Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 5 Looks: 1st Place

One of the biggest compliments you can give a designer is that no matter what the setting, you can look at one of their garments and tell exactly who created it. That has certainly been the case during Seth Aaron Henderson's run on Season 7. His designs stand out with their impeccable construction, modern punk feel, extensive use of hardware and just enough softness at the edges to make his looks feminine. Never in serious danger of elimination, it has been no surprise that he finds himself in a position to win it all.

In Episode 6 "A Little Bit of Fashion", the designers were introduced to new models in the form of 11 adorable young girls. With $50 and a day to work, they were challenged to create an outfit for their pint-sized muses. On runway day, Tim gives them a classic PR surprise - they must create a companion look for the mother that will be worn by their models.

Seth Aaron had a big advantage given the fact that he had a daughter of his own and knew just what little girls liked. For 6-year old Sydney he made a black and white houndstooth hoodie with cute watermelon-like pockets and "SA" appliqued into a pink star on the back. This covered a pink and black striped dress paired with a black skirt. His model Valeria wore a gorgeous black and white striped striped jacket with skinny jeans adorned with more of Seth's signature hardware.

The judges loved this look and so did you. When Heidi asked Sydney what she like most about her it, she shyly responded "my purse". Nina nearly fell out of her chair over that one.

Tonight we find out if Seth Aaron Henderson takes home the big prize but for now you have chosen him to take home our little one. Congratulations Seth Aaron, you created the BPR Top Look of Season 7!