Monday, April 04, 2011

Blogging Fashion Star?

The previously "Untitled Fashion Project" is now titled "Fashion Star" produced by Ben Silverman.

A competitive-reality show for fashion designers? Check.

Hosted by a supermodel? Check. (Elle McPherson.)

Produced by Magical Elves? Check.

What makes it different from Project Runway?

Mr. Silverman said that retail buyers would be involved in selecting the winning designs. The show will include a twist. Each week viewers will be able to go online and buy the designs created by the contestants, even the losing ones. NBC will get a share of those sales, a point Mr. Telegdy underscored. “Any shows that can create auxiliary revenue streams, we are always keen to examine those,” he said.

Also: The winner will receive a multimillion-dollar contract to have a new fashion line featured in top retail stores.

Just to clarify - this is NOT an April Fool. The 10-episode show will premiere in 2012 on NBC.

More information here, and here.