Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tim Gunn in Salt Lake City Saturday April 30th

Tim will be back in NYC to cover Royal Wedding Fashion on Friday for ABC, then he heads to Salt Lake City on Saturday. It's hard to keep up!

Click here for a more information and a fresh interview.

A highlight:

Tim’s latest make it work moment • “I make something work everyday. I mean honestly, our fashion events are always about ‘make it work.’ Frequently a model doesn’t show up, or something happens to one of the looks, a zipper breaks for instance. We’re making it work all the time.

And just in terms of juggling my own schedule, I’m always making it work. I’m a very lucky guy, the fact that I have so much on my plate is a high-class problem, but it can also be challenging. And when people ask me, “well how to you manage?” I tell the truth — I’m usually about a hair shy of a psychotic breakdown.”