Monday, April 11, 2011

Tim Gunn in Denver

Thank you Tropical Chrome for this fabulous report!

10 Minutes In The Back Room With Tim Gunn

Very few folks from Project Runway include Colorado in their travel plans. So when I saw that Tim Gunn's latest tour was scheduled at the Lucky Brand store at the Park Meadows mall, I knew I'd have to be there. I wasn't going to miss out on my best chance to date to meet Tim himself!

I'd planned to cover it for BPR, but Laura K went one better – she was able to work with Leah Salak, Director of Marketing and Special Events for Liz Claiborne, Inc. to arrange a 10 minute interview before the event with Tim. Given the space limitations of the store, we had to do this standing up in their storage I really did have 10 Minutes In The Back Room With Tim Gunn!

Tim himself is gracious, charming, and genuine – exactly what we see on TV. I recorded the interview on my new iphone, calling it "my new toy", and he said "Mine too, I'm not even using 5% of its capacity." It's nice to know I'm not alone!

To start the interview, I asked Tim what he thought the biggest challenges were for Project Runway to keep the show new and fresh as it went into its ninth season. Tim replied that that WAS the challenge – keeping it new and fresh. He wished that more of the people involved with Project Runway would take an interest in listening to him – he has offered a number of ideas to the producers and not heard anything back. He's very proud of the show and wants to keep it robust and vital.

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