Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tim Gunn in Atlanta Part 1 - A new BPR Interview

Tim Gunn and Leah Salak - photo: BPR

Tim Gunn was in Atlanta on Saturday for the Lucky Brand Fashion Show at the Perimeter Mall.

Tim generously granted an interview to BPR before the show. Thanks Tim!

BPR: Any news on Season 10?

TG: Season 10 is a go!

BPR: Contract signed, sealed and delivered?

TG: We're working on it. You know that I will be with Project Runway until the very end.

BPR: So will we of course!

BPR: Tim, will you rank the season 9 finalists in the order that you believe they should have finished?

TG: Viktor, Kimberly, Josh, Anya

BPR: Was Kimberly your favorite?

TG: Kimberly and Anthony Ryan

BPR: Awww... I thought you liked Anthony Ryan...

We loved the "Tim Gunn Behind the Seams" program.

TG: Thank you. The audience for "Behind the Seams" pulled in 2 million more viewers than the Project Accessory lead-in.

BPR: It was really great. Where was Joshua?

TG: He had another commitment. I believe a speaking engagement.

BPR: Were you surprised that Josh came in second in the finale?

TG: Yes.

BPR: What is the status of "Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible?"

TG: We have finished writing it, but there is still more work to do. It is scheduled for release in September 2012.

BPR: How long is it?

TG: It's 85,000 words. I'm not sure how many pages it will be.

BPR: Are there illustrations?

TG: Mostly photos, unless we couldn't find a photo of what we needed.

BPR: Tim, please describe what "The Revolution" Show is about.

TG: "The Revolution" follows a woman's five-month journey in five days. We cover an amalgam of issues - health, fitness, relationships, style, (personal fashion and home.) There are experts in various fields who assist each woman in her journey.

BPR: And you are the style expert.

TG: Yes.

BPR: Are you on every episode, every day?

TG: We haven't filmed all of the days yet. I'm not sure how it will be put together.

BPR: Is there a studio audience?

TG: Yes

BPR: Tim, you are always so busy!

TG: I'm the luckiest guy in the world!