Monday, February 06, 2012

Amanda's Take - Project Runway All Stars

Project Runway Supermodel, Amanda Fields takes a look at the All-Star models. Thanks Amanda!

This All Star season has been fun to watch! The Miss Piggy challenge was my favorite so far because it reminded me of the early days of the show.

I love that we get to hear a little bit more from the models too! Still no on-screen name credits for them...

Michael Costello's model really sold that little look. On a lesser model he could have been eliminated... to be blunt, if a model had bad legs, say, out of shape, with too much cellulite.. he would have been sent home for creating such a "travesty." However, because Michael's model is beautiful with a fantastic body, she could somehow make sense of that little thing she had on. I like to say that the hard work of modeling comes in the preparation, not the actual job. Discipline in exercise and diet is key to being a fantastic runway model! Great work!!

The same can be said for Jerell's model. My goodness... what an athlete she must be! He was saved by her rockin' bod! If a model had a torso that was a no-no... well he would have gone home too. Somehow when there is a fit, sexy model wearing something they somehow save the fact that the outfit was in bad taste.

Mila's model is gorgeous too (they all are!!) but I think perhaps she is over-selling her looks just a bit. The moodiness worked in the Miss Piggy challenge with the mod black and white striped dress, but this week I wanted to tell her to relax a bit.

Austin's model is becoming forgettable to me. Normally a tall beautiful blonde would be very easy to remember but she somehow fades into the background. I think she is good at what she does and is definitely on her way.

Speaking of blondes... Mondo's model is my favorite this season. She seems to know how to embody what Mondo creates. I loved her effortless walk down the runway in the cantaloupe kaftan.

This challenge's elimination reminded me of the episode Kayne was eliminated in season 3. "Black and White" - the judges said there was not enough white elements in his look. They just wanted a reason to let a contestant go, and they used it as an excuse. The same rule applies here! Obviously Anthony had many items of clothing from the street that he could have used. Why not make the top of his look in that polyester print? Sure, it would have leaned a little bit too on the era of the 70s, but at least he would have completed the challenge in the judges eyes more to the T.

That being said, I think his look was the best he had done all season long!!! I wish he would have done that look for the Gelato challenge so Diane von Furstenberg could have seen his glorious jumpsuit in green tea color! He was really beginning to come into his own. Anthony, please keep making those jumpsuits! I will take 2!