Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wesley Nault Fall 2012 "Queen of Martyrs" Field Report

Project Runway Season 5 designer, Wesley Nault, presented his "Queen of Martyrs" collection on Feb. 16th. BPR Field Reporter Jennifer Mara sends us this report. Thanks Jen!

Wesley and his favorite look from the collection.
Photo: Jennifer Mara

Wesley Nault prefers these presentations instead of Runway shows and the format really complements his work. As the models pose, new details reveal themselves as the viewer is able to take a closer look. Wesley sticks to a simple color palette playing with pale pinks, beige and black.

Wesley isn’t afraid to really show his work- his tailoring and craftsmanship are high above the bar. He took everything to next level for this show. Great Job Mr. Nault. Can’t wait for the next one!