Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breakfast With Tim Gunn

The Scarlett and I joined Tim for breakfast on Saturday and dished a little about Project Runway, his new book, and more.  Thanks Tim!

BPR:  Tim, will you be doing a book tour this fall?

TG:  Yes - please check my Facebook page for any announcements.  I am headed to Los Angeles on Tuesday and then I will be on Chelsea Lately on Wednesday and then I head to Chicago.

Also, Heidi and I did a segment for her AOL page.

BPR:  Will there be a Fifth and Pacific (formerly Liz Claiborne) Fashion Tour?

TG:  Not this season.

BPR:  Will you be doing red carpet commentary for the Oscars?

TG:  I hope so.  Please stay tuned.  I have cleared my calendar.

BPR:  Let's talk about Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible...

TG:  Well, it is different from most fashion texts in that it is thematic rather than chronological.

BPR:  Which is your favorite chapter?

TG:  The sweater chapter.

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