Monday, September 24, 2012

Amanda's Take, Season 10, Episode 10

Project Runway Supermodel, Amanda Fields, returns with her "take" on the Season 10 models - thanks Amanda!

Kick Up Your Heels, folks! It's a rockin' Rockette Project Runway collaboration! Here we go...

 Could Heidi be ANY cuter in her green Rockettes costume? I loved her high kicks!

"Take a moment, let them see you, don't run away." - Dmitry to his model.

 This is wonderful advice. No matter what the designer gives me to wear, I always want to show it well and get my photo taken as much as possible so that the photographers have an opportunity to get great shots of my dress to share with the world. This is the type of episode I've been waiting for all season. We get to see the designers telling their models how they would like them to walk.

I appreciate this look inside of what we do, because the decision to smile or not smile, walk fast or slow, pose half way back, any of these things are the wishes of the designer which then, in a traditional fashion show, get translated to the producer who then communicates this to the models. It's important to maintain a polished walk no matter what the instruction may be, but mold your walk to fit the show.

 Dmitry's model added a little smile and some hip movement that really showcased the fringe on her dress. She managed to make it look like she was in the Rockettes without overdoing it. Very classy!

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