Monday, September 10, 2012

Amanda's Take, Season 10, Episode 8

Project Runway Supermodel, Amanda Fields, returns with her take on episode 8 - thanks Amanda!

"They [Dmitry and Elena] are like Boris and Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle." - Christopher

I like the idea of having the designers create t shirts to sell on the street. However, it comes accross as: "We're too cheap to just give each team $800. You guys go use these leftover t shirts and glitter and help a production out.."

I don't understand why Alicia, Dmitri and Elena just didn't care what the shirts looked like. It was easy to see the result of that with their low sales.

Sonjia is quickly becoming my favorite to win. I would wear that jacket all fall and winter long!

Ven's skirt is too old for his team's collection. A lot of his design is not young and fresh. I am starting to think he could go home soon.

"Get your ass in gear, or I'm gonna get it in gear." - Gunnar

Oh please. You signed up to make dresses because outerwear terrifies you.

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