Friday, October 31, 2014

BPR Interview with All-Star Designer, Patricia Michaels

Project Runway All-Star designer, Patricia Michaels, talks about her experience on the show.  

A highlight:

 BPR:  After you were eliminated and you were sequestered, what were you able to do?  Could you sew?  Shop?  Work on jewelry? 

PM:  Absolutely!  It was wonderful!  It was a sabbatical from heaven!  I went shopping for fabrics, and thrift shopping, I went to museums.  I went to the garment district to look at production facilities.  I could sew and work on jewelry and even check my email.  The Gotham West is lovely, there was a gym where we could work out.  I read and I wrote - I am working on two novels.  

There was a very important email that came in from the Smithsonian!  They were inviting me to receive an award.  It is the 20th anniversary of their National Museum of the American Indian.  They are presenting me with their Arts and Design Award at their 20th Anniversary Gala event.

So at that moment, when I saw the email, I realized that this is my journey.  I have to trust my gut and  honor those feelings.  There are better things for me ahead and this part of my journey is over.  

I am becoming a modern visionary for my culture, a representative of the traditional Native American artist.  I could not have come this far if I did not trust my feelings. 

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