Monday, November 17, 2014

BPR Interview with Chris March

Joey Arias as Joan Crawford and Chris March as Christina Crawford in "Christmas with the Crawfords."

Project Runway All-Star designer and BPR fan favorite, Chris March, talks about his experience on the show and about "Christmas with the Crawfords."

A highlight:

BPR: Is there anything that happened in the challenge that you wish we could have seen? 

CM: Well, yes definitely. One of the things that they cut out of the episode was that part of the challenge was that whichever word you had, "good" or "wicked," you had to incorporate 20% of the other side into their design. So, my "Wicked" design had to have 20% "Good." 

BPR: What?!?!? 

 CM: Yes, if you look at each of the looks, you will see a little something opposite. I did not choose to use the pink tulle because I thought it would reinforce the "Wicked-ness" of my design.  I was just trying to follow the constraints of the challenge. 

It was evident that after the decisions were made about the winning and losing designs, the editing completely removed this requirement. At least I feel good that Betsey Johnson really defended my look on the runway. 

BPR: Actually that makes total sense - I was wondering why Helen put those branches on the shoulders and why so many of the "Good" designs were styled as if they were "Evil." I wish the viewers could have known this! 

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Thank you Chris!