Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Malan Breton - Fall 2015 Collection, "Stars"

Malan Breton presented his Fall, 2015 collection, "Stars" this morning at Lincoln Center.  Breton showcased 53 looks.  BPR Field Reporter, Jennifer Mara sends us this report.  
Thanks Jen!

Shoe designer Caterina Belluardo, Malan Breton and Jennifer Mara

Malan Breton truly woke up my spirit, among many others, this morning, with an early 9 am show held in The Pavilion at Lincoln Center. The Malan Breton Showcase of his Fall/Winter 2015 Men's and Women's Collection was the most elevated and exquisitely put together show of the week. 

All Photos - Jennifer Mara
Malan always delivers, his craftsmanship is flawless and every garment is stitched to perfection. From head to toe, each model looked consciously well thought out and put together. Malan's decisions in style are incredibly innovative, including intelligent twists on traditional styles for women AND men. He's all about breaking the rules just a little bit, showcasing oversized necklaces using leather, a full on three piece cashmere suit, ranging from fantasy to reality. Plus, Sir. Malan Breton knows how to put on a show! 

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