Monday, August 14, 2006

BPR Interview With Bradley Baumkirchner

We continue our series of interviews of the auf'd contestants this week with the lovable Bradley Baumkirchner. His quirky sense of humor and humble manners won him an adoring fan base. His personality certainly shines through in our interview!

BPR: Hey Bradley, we were sad to see you go. So what was the reaction from your family and friends about your auffing?

Bradley: Goodbyes are always hard.

BPR: When did you know you wanted to grow up and become a fashion designer?

Bradley: 66, seriously- since I was a young child I was interested in clothes. I was thinking around the age of 9 I wanted to make films and actually did, but as it ended up my heart is with fashion now.

BPR: We loved your audition video. When you’re out on the dance floor, are we more likely to see “The Chicken”, “The Shaman”, “The No-dancin” or the “The Running Backwards”?

Bradley: Last night there was a ton of that going on, I love to dance!

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