Friday, August 18, 2006

Daniel Franco at Fashion Week!

Here is a note from Daniel Franco:

Dear BPR,

Yes it's true. yes it's official. Integrity wins in the end! "Following Bliss" is right on for when we DO follow our bliss, good fortune follows us too. Sing-a-long time! Daniel Franco where did you go? Daniel Franco where did you go- oh? New York Fashion Week at Stylelounge, sponsored by Nikon USA for a one man show - oh! When? September 11th, 2006 at 3pm will be the moment. What's my direction? You know I have a fatal fetish for hyper quality and sleek tailoring, but it's all now being filtered through this vibe:

"The fact of global warming is a call to action from designers to re-imagine luxury for this 'new-warmer-now'. We must re-evaluate garment construction, (ie. removing ALL excess weight) fabric selection (Purely natural fibers only) and styling (dramatic breezy cuts for evening and the tailored goods should be sleek, modern and smart)."
Daniel Franco

So please wish me your best, as I only respond to the best in everything. I am thrilled, nervous, ecstatic, euphoric, inspired, afraid, and blissy all day long and will be for the next 3 weeks. This is the next phase to my career. I fell in Season 2 to rise again here and now, so thank you for your continued support and your beautiful attention, BPR.

And to Alison, or any other designer that fell in the 3 seasons, remember life continues and all things come to fruition in the right time. Knowing it's alright makes it right. So 'Shine on you crazy diamonds'... and do what ya gots ta do! Let it all be known in your craft and in your passion. Create create create!

Till we meet again,


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