Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Reading.....

First, here is an article about Tim Gunn. Thanks Wendie!

This NYTimes article features a picture of the CEO of Federated Department Stores. Hmmmm... I see something familiar in the background. Thanks Joseph!

Click here for a video interview with Nina Garcia. Thanks Kelly. (Click on the blue hyperlink of Nina's name.)

Beauty Addict magazine features an interview with Nick Verreos! Thanks Tara.

Speaking of Uncle Nick, it looks like he will be the special guest at an event called La Mode in Seattle. Mark your calendars!

ETA: AND it looks like Daniel Franco will be at the same event on September 8th! Thanks Kim.

Here is a link to a video interview with Heidi and Tim on the set of the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Thanks Wendie, Susan and Jeremy!

This is from Iconique. Thanks, Ruins.

Were you a little disappointed in the Larry King interview?

This might confirm what you were thinking.... Thanks Anne.

Here is another mention of the Delta-Project Runway tie-in. Thanks Susan.

Simran sends us this mention of a Season Two designer making an appearance at a fashion event at Cherry Hill Mall on September 9th. Who could it be? It looks like the Cherry Hill Mall is in New Jersey - not far from Philadelphia. Hmmmmmm.....

Karl Lagerfeld disses our favorite show here. Ha, very funny Mr. Lagerfeld. We know that you are "in bed" with Tommy Hilfiger and appeared in his lame rip-off of Project Runway..."The Cut." SOUR GRAPES. So sad.... Thanks, Marsha.

Attention Alison Kelly fans: Here is some news about Alison teaming up with jewelry designer Rachel Leigh. Good luck girls!