Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hooray for the Moms and Sisters

Thanks to all of the moms and sisters who agreed to be a part of last night's episode! You were wonderful. We enjoyed getting to see you - and getting to know these designers just a little bit better. The childhood photos were wonderful! Thank you to the sponsors who generously provided the travel arrangements and accomodations for these family members and thank you designers for your genuine heartfelt responses to seeing them. That was the highlight of the night. The tears of joy.

How fun it must be for you to see yourselves featured in Rate The Runway! You all look fabulous. I am wondering if these outfits will get more bids at auction because more people can actually wear them! Omigosh - maybe I could even bid on something! ....checking..... Oh funny!... the measurements on these garments are the same as they have been on all of the auctions. Designed to fit someone 5'10" to 6'2" tall and size 0-2. Well - that leaves me out! Hopefully this info will be updated. Well, probably not since they still have Nazri's name spelled wrong on her bio but I digress...

Can anyone explain to me why the designers couldn't work with their own moms and sisters? That would have made a lot more sense - the model and designer would have been operating more as a team, and the audience could have enjoyed better results. There would have been more fun little conversations between people who love each other. Also, you can bet that the models would have really worked their garments and sworn that they were the best things they had ever worn. Isn't that what we want? Great results? Happy clients? Some fun? Seriously. Can anyone explain?

All of the moms and sisters were so great. Since the first season we have wished for a "real-sized" challenge. Thanks for making it happen. Joan Kors rocked too.

So let's send the moms and sisters some BPR love.