Sunday, August 13, 2006

Season Three Hopeful Update #2 - Elier Aubret

I had several notes from Elier before and after the Miss Universe Pageant. Anyone who "watched" with us knows that Elier was the one who originally wrote to let us know that Santino Rice was going to be a judge. Also, Elier attended the event in support of Miss Puerto Rico!

Hi Laura!

Just to say hello and to keep you up to date...

It was a PR night!!!

1st: Santino Rice as a judge..
2nd: Nick's dress for Miss Nancy
3rd: Miss USA's dress
4th: Carlos Ponce... puertorrican hotty! (just something nice)
5th: Miss Puerto Rico WON....

PR was written all over the place even the country that won has a P R !!!!

I read all the comments and I know you guys were confused about me and the misses...
Well yes I went to the Miss Universe Pageant as a friend and in business, why ? , Well I know her because we worked before on shows and here in Puerto Rico they give the chance to new designers to dress her for the pageant. All the dresses she wore during her stay were given to her by local designers. Remember Cassanova? the other Puertorrican designer? [We also met Carlos Casanova in the audition line!] He designed the dress Miss PR used on Late Show with David Letterman. Well I was there to support her and be a fan.

The other Miss is Thebyam Carrion, she was the one that's in the picture from the NY casting, I will be going with her all the way to Poland in Sep, the pageant will be the 30th of that same month. She was my muse and will look fab at the pageant, she's a great girl and I wish her the best!... But anyway, I am still working hard on my designs and new collection, I don't know if you know but every year I present my collection as a benefit for my Foundation, The Black & White Foundation. All the profits go to special education students in poor areas of the island. So I've been very busy sewing, flying, and in meetings for my benefit...

Well, I'm still making it work... from Puerto Rico!

Take care!
and I'm looking forward to meeting you guys again, and to trying again for the next season...

Elier Aubret