Monday, August 14, 2006

From The Mailbox

Well, Sarah Jessica Parker has ordered her bobbleheads! Have you?

Hard to believe, but we missed this recap from Entertainment Weekly, as well as this article about Tim Gunn.

The folks at Entertainment Weekly obviously love Project Runway almost as much as we do!

Straight guys watch Project Runway too! Thanks Archie!

Here is an article in where Heidi Klum chooses her top looks from each season.

In this WWD article the reporter is worried that Heidi might have revealed that Michael doesn't make it to Fashion Week. Say it ain't so, Heidi!

Austin Scarlett's cornhusk dress from Season 1's 'Innovation'; Chloe Dao's dress from Season 2's 'Clothes Off Your Back'; Michael Knight's coffee filter dress from Season 3's 'Wall to Wall'