Monday, August 28, 2006

Episode 8 Speculation

Let's see what we've got so far. First, there is the brief preview at the end of Episode 7 where Heidi is once again holding the magic bag and announces: "for your next challenge you will be designing an outfit for a jet-setter". Who will the jet-setter be? What's the bag for? Model selection? It doesn't look like they are working in teams in the workroom....hmmmm....

And it certainly looks like the long anticipated "change in venue" is imminent, courtesy of Delta Airlines. And isn't it convenient that Parsons just happens to have a campus in Paris? Or could the designers be heading somewhere else?

It also appears, according to other previews that Tim will be the one delivering the 'auf' this week. Does it happen on the runway ... does it happen before ... does it happen that way at all?

There is the new Bravo preview promising more ugliness from Jeffrey. Haven't we had our fill of that already this season?

Finally, there is more speculation regarding the two different versions of Episode 7. One version was originally shown on Wednesday night (and can be downloaded via iTunes). The other version shows Heidi giving a longer speech regarding immunity and how wins now could affect the outcome in the future (right before she introduces the judges). There are other subtle differences in the episode but Heidi's announcement seems to have the most gravitas.

Devoted Beeper, Loribeth sends us this report of the edited version:

It comes about 35 minutes in. It is right before the runway show, when the designers are seated. Heidi is standing and she says to them (and this IS verbatim):

"Always important to do your best work because there will be other benefits to winning challenges that will be revealed later."

Hmmmm... What could this mean?

Just a friendly reminder: This post is for Episode Eight speculation and for "'Do your best' statement edit" speculation - not for "final four" speculation and definitely NOT for spoilers. BPR aims to remain spoiler-free. Please respect this. We will give you all the chance to choose your "Top Four" later this week. Thanks everyone!

Here is the yahoo preview. It shows model selection. Here is a Google preview. Thanks Jordan!