Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wow, check out the Bravo auctions for the "Iconic Statement" challenge. If any of our readers ever wins one of these, we would love to hear about how it looks in "real life" and why you purchased it. Seriously now, please let us know.

Late recaps:
Here is one from The Advocate and another from our friend AJ at Naturally Blonde. At BPR we absolutely love Television Without Pity and have this site permanently linked. The TwoP recap generally comes out a little late for our Saturday recapalooza. Here is a link to the latest.

Have you signed our Tim Gunn 'Sexiest Man Alive' petition yet? Click here for more.

There is a new interview up today with Bradley at Thanks Wendie!

Meanwhile, Bradley has sent us a quick update:

Hey guys, Just wanted to say hello to everyone and say thanks for all the support! I'm well and working on new things daily. For the first time we are offering direct buying through my site, which will be updated with new pieces continuously. Also, I'm working on a whole new collection and am looking forward to having a show. Thanks again and good wishes. Bradley

Click here to visit Bradley's Mountains, Rivers & Peacocks.

Is everyone ready for tonight? As always, we will have our play-by-play, party thread and reactions post open. Come join the fun!