Sunday, August 27, 2006

BPR Interview with Robert Best

Robert Best was already a well known designer before Season 3 of Project Runway began. Many pegged him as an early favorite to make the finals and we were surprised to see him leave so soon. We all know about his talent. He also shows us what a nice guy he is:

BPR: Hi Robert, you have many heartbroken fans on BPR. Where were you Wednesday night and who did you watch the show with? Were your friends and family surprised?

Robert: I watched at home with a good friend of mine. I think everyone was surprised except for me, since it happened quite a while ago.

BPR: How did your gorgeous sister Teresa react to seeing herself on the show?

Robert: She hasn't seen it yet. I told her that they all but edited her right off the show. Nobody wants to watch people with good manners... evidently.

BPR: You grew up in Utah, not necessarily known as a fashion hotbed. What got you interested in fashion design?

Robert: I was dropped on my head as an infant. Actually, my mom loved to watch classic films and I would watch them with her, and I think thats where it all began.

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