Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Note From Alison Kelly

Due to Alison's schedule, we were unable to conduct our usual "auf'd" interview this week. Alison was kind enough to give us an update on what we can expect to see from her soon:

I've been so busy designing two collections to launch this spring and apologize for neglecting your questions. I am not going to answer each question, just want to talk about my auf and what I am doing now.

I didnt watch the show Wednesday night because I was preparing for my fashion show on the Today Show amongst many other projects...also, don't need to relive it. I was so emotional Thursday, not because of the auffing, but because of the massive amounts of furiously passionate and supportive respsonses I received from my fans.

I am designing an exclusive collection for shopbop.com that we are launching during fashion week where I have collaborated with jewelry designer Rachel Leigh to make gorgeous necklaces and cuffs inspired by vintage charms and keyholes. I have designed a collection of beautiful dresses and jackets which will be available to everyone.

I also ran into Emmett McCarthy and I am going to launch a private collection for his store EMC2 in NoLita for his red carpet event during fashion week, where the one and only Tim Gunn will star.

I feel incredibly lucky to have participated on PR and feel this is an incomparable situation to anything that may have assisted in launching my name and line. Thanks to all for the amazing support and stay tuned as I have many surprises in store.

p.s. you cant believe everything you read in the media, just believe in yourself.

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