Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Interview With Michael's Mom!

We know how much you have enjoyed our previous mom interviews from the 'Everyday Woman ' episode. This time BPR is pleased to present Pam Knight, Michael's mother. She took the time to indulge our curiousity about her gifted son who has managed to charm every judge and win two back-to-back challenges along the way with his skill and creativity.

When did you find out you would be going to New York?

I received a phone call about four days before I was due to leave asking me if I would be willing to come to New York and of course I said I would do anything for Michael.

How much time did you have to prepare?

I got a call on Friday to confirm everything and left on Saturday morning.

Did anyone come with you?

No, I came alone. I wanted my husband to come with me but he encouraged me to go alone and have a good time and that I did. (Smile)

Where did you stay?

I stayed at the Hudson.

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