Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From The Mailbox

Attention Atlanta! Want to watch Project Runway with a fun group of fans? Check out Mary's in East Atlanta Village and say hi to DJ Jarod Jones for us!

I host a Project Runway night here in Atlanta at the bar where I dj - because I wasn’t going to let my djing gig get in the way of Project Runway, was I? ...It’s a pretty fun night; during the commercial breaks, I open the mic and let people around the bar give their commentary.

Of course, we’ve all been cheering Michael Knight hardcore. Not only is he from Atlanta, but his designs are GOOD. I think he’s been grossly underrated thus far. He shot out of the gate since day one with that radical coffee filter dress. He should have won instantly, that’s how I feel. And last week, having Pam Grier as a fashion icon? AMAZING. For an hour last Wednesday night, the world was a better place.

I was happy to run across your blog, and I’ll continue to check for updates here. Excuse me – the BEST updates.

Thanks guys.
Jarod Jones (and/or DJ Yes Sir)

Also, here is an interview with Kayne Gillaspie and Robert Best.

Did you miss Tim Gunn on CBS Sunday Morning? I did...Here is a print edition. Thanks Barbara.

And finally, here is the yahoo preview for episode six. Thanks, Paul.