Monday, February 26, 2007

Katy Checks In

One thing we've learned after three seasons of Project Runway is that the designers don't have to win in order to end up as winners. BPR regular Katherine Gerdes checks in with her latest:
I'm crazy busy getting ready for the DIVA fashion show this Saturday! I've got a whole new collection which is going to be "split" into 2 fashion shows coming up, DIVA this week and Voltage April 11th. Don't worry though... I've made the designs work as a whole collection and look good as two smaller shows (that was a tricky one to figure out!). I've also been invited by LVMH to show the entire collection out at Foxwoods CT on march 24th. I'll send you more info on that as I get it.
Click here for ticket information on this Saturday's event. Anyone in the Minneapolis area available to send in a field report? E-mail the team at BPR. Good luck Katy!