Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Note From Tim Gunn

Dear BPR,

The Bailey House event was wonderful and it broke all previous fund-raising records. There was a lot of media there, including Entertainment Tonight, so I don't know why there's such a dearth of coverage. And the crowd was huge in spite of frigid temperatures and icy conditions from the previous day's snowstorm. A good time was had by all!

I am loath to tell you that I was the cheap date of the live auction. I went for $3,250, Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan garnered $3,500 together, Barbara Walters went for about $7,000 (my memory fades here), and Anderson Cooper went for...$22,000!!!!! What can one say, except that he's worth every penny!

Also, Bravo was a big supporter of the event, and the executives turned up en masse. My new Liz Claiborne pals turned up, too, which was very touching.

By the way, I'm on Martha on Monday. We taped it this past week. I brought three recent graduates with me and we have a mini fashion show. Martha is more generous of spirit, thoughtful, warm, and welcoming than I can adequately describe. She is divine and sublime. And she looks even more fabulous in person than she does on camera.

Also by the way, I'm covering red carpet fashion for The Today Show, again, this time for the Oscars. I will do all that I can to make certain that I'm not asked any questions about stars whose clothes I haven't seen. I was mortified when Matt Lauer asked me about Angelina Jolie's Golden Globes dress and I hadn't seen her. How could I respond except with the truth? Accordingly, I was surprised -- delighted, but surprised -- when The Today Show called, again.

I received a SAG application as a result of the Ugly Betty appearances. I'm tardy submitting it, but I will!

No word yet on dates for the season four auditions. I trust that Blogging Project Runway will know before I do!