Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Latest

According to this article in Newsday, the Fashion Week shows will continue in Bryant Park - at least for the next couple of seasons. Also some news about Laura Bennett:

Helping close out Fashion Week on Feb. 9 will be Child Magazine show, where designers including Tory Burch, Catherine Malandrino, Cynthia Rowley and Shoshanna will play in the sandbox together. Laura Bennett of "Project Runway" is creating clothes for her son's runway debut, cheered by Tim Gunn on the sidelines. Please let us know if you attend this show!

Is Tim Gunn on Regis and Kelly today? Amy M reports seeing a promo, but I can't confirm - any east coasters watching? Confirmed! - thanks everyone!

Tim is also featured here in a fashion week story on NPR. Thanks Anne.