Monday, April 02, 2007

Big Gunn Showdown at the Standard Hotel

BPR thanks Los Angeles Field Reporter, Jonathan Trimm for this excellent interview with Tim Gunn. Look for more of Jonathan's report tomorrow. -LK

As I was driving down the streets of LA navigating my way to the Standard hotel, I received a call from the Bravo Press Agent, Brenda Lowry letting me know to call her when I arrived at the hotel. Once I found a parking spot, I called her and we met in the lobby of the hotel. She informed me that I could begin by interviewing the hopefuls in the lines outside the hotel, and in 15 to 20 minutes I would be brought into to see The Tim Gunn.

While I was asking questions, the Bravo rep reappeared to take me for my interview with Tim Gunn.

Click here to read the rest of Jonathan's report.