Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More From Los Angeles

While scanning the line of "hopefuls" in Los Angeles I noticed I gentleman who looked kind of like an accountant. "Are you a DESIGNER?" I asked. "No, I'm an accountant, but I'm holding this place in line for my daughter-in-law." he replied.

(I'm thinking "Awwwwww... his daughter-in-law. That is SO sweet!") I asked when she would arrive and promised to return for an interview.

I worked my way down the line introducing myself and trying to encourage the designers. I did several interviews and took photos.

After a little while I returned to the accountant, Dale, and met his lovely and charming daughter-in-law Lalaina. (La-lane-ya.) She is a 29-year-old newlywed and she has been designing for about five years. She majored in Fashion Design at Los Angeles Trade Tech and she works as a bartender at a club in the Fashion District. Her portfolio contained clothing designs as well as tear sheets from magazines that had featured her handbag designs. This was her first time trying out for Project Runway.

After she went in for her audition, Kaitlin and I visited with Dale for a while and dicovered that our families have a lot in common. When Lalaina came out she said she had been given a "maybe" and so we were all hopeful.

Last night we received this note from Lalaina.