Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saturday Night at the Pool Bar

I was a little bit lost in LA without any internet access. Most hotels have "business centers" but The Standard's was "down." We checked the local Starbucks but they didn't have internet either. I asked at the desk and they recommended a local Kinko's so off I went.

I'm glad I checked because I had a message from Santino Rice, whom I had never met and I had written to let him know that I would be in Los Angeles and would love to meet him. I wrote back with my cell phone number and explained that I had limited internet so I hoped he would call.

Meanwhile, this gang had managed to ditch me and continue partying at the pool bar:

Thanks for the photo, Jonathan!

Later, Dan was complaining about being hungry (as usual) and I thought it would be fun to head upstairs. About that time I heard from Nick Verreos, and he and David were just headed home after a long day on the Windsor Tour. They agreed to meet us at the hotel too.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Andrea and Heather still at the pool bar at 6:15! We ordered some food and drinks and visited some more. These girls are adorable! Apparently, a little earlier, they decided that they should audition for Project Runway. Heather was the "model" and Andrea was the "designer." I'm not sure exactly how they got in to see the panel, but they did.

In case you are wondering...they didn't quite make the cut.

Nick and David arrived shortly after. These two are always completely friendly and fabulous. Here is a photo of Nick with Kaitlin and Dan. Nick was interrupted several times by fans wanting to express their affection for him. One group was from Bolivia!

Kaitlin had ordered a couple of Margaritas. I was pretending not to notice Daniel sneaking sips. It was really no big deal, but I am still their mother!

We were joined by Mark Perez, a producer from Top Design who recognized Heather and Andrea. Several of the "hopefuls" also stopped by.

Later I checked my phone to see that I had missed a call. It was getting noisy in the bar and impossible to hear the message but I recognized the voice. It was Santino. I called him back and he said he would join us a little later....