Monday, April 09, 2007

Project Runway Auditions in NYC

The air was brutally cold for April and the wind was brisk making those standing in the long line at the Westin entrance on 42nd Street seem even more determined. For the first day of Season 4 auditions in New York City the turnout seemed neither smaller or larger than last year. The only different trend I noted was that there were far fewer 'characters' queued up indicating to me that those that had braved the crowded Midtown streets on this holiday weekend were serious about their potential to actually be cast for Project Runway.

The people that I spoke to were, for the most part, professionals within the fashion industry. I found myself drawn to the designer candidates that brought models. There seemed to be something especially poignant about the willowy young women shivering in the cold as they waited their turn. I asked several people about what brought them to audition for Project Runway and I was surprised when they usually couldn't articulate their reasons; it was as if they had never considered that they would be asked such a thing! Later, when I spoke to Tim, he expressed that I had, "done them a great favor" by having them ponder an answer.

I was encouraged to note that many in the line were aware of BPR and they expressed that they had read the recommendations by both the readers and the former cast. One designer, who, judging by the smile on his face, was moved to the next level, told me that one of his friends had found Blogging Project Runway and that he had devoured the tips.

Coming up next will be my interview with Tim Gunn as well as catching up with the debonair Malan Breton.