Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No RTTR for Season 4!

Project Runway Season 4 will premiere on November 14, but not like we were expecting. Bravo confirmed with us today that there will be no Road To The Runway episode. The premiere will jump right in to the first challenge; we'll have to wait and see if and how they incorporate the designer auditions into the show.

We're disappointed. We love watching the audition process, seeing the previous season's designers again, the whack-a-doo wannabees and the close misses. We especially loved the round table on the Season 3 RTTR between Tim, Nina, Heidi and MK as they perused the designer's portfolios. It helped give us a feel for what to expect from the new cast and built excitement for the first challenge.

How will we be introduced to the new cast now?

Meanwhile, a handful of Season 4 audition tapes have been posted on the Bravo website. (Don't miss the video of Jillian Lewis!). Is this all we'll get to see? Stay tuned...