Wednesday, October 03, 2007

From The Mailbox

InStyle has a feature on Project Runway Season Four. Thanks Kathy.

Attention Chicago: A Nick Verreos design will be auctioned to benefit Chicago-area charities. Click here for more info and to place your on-line bid. Thanks Nick B.

Here is more about Rami Kashou.

Entertainment Weekly helps you to brush up on your Runway vocabulary. Thanks Rachel, Frank and Sabrina.

Also at - a gallery of the season four designers along with comments from Tim. Thanks Rachel, Frank and Sabrina.

Before you click on the link - how about trying to match up the designer with the quote from Tim....

1. "A fashion prodigy"

2. "Dogged, determined, tenacious."

3. "... very serious, sometimes too much so. I feel like delivering that Nina Garcia line, 'Lighten up! It's just fashion!'"

4. "[Her aesthetic] is girly, flirtatious; not unlike Betsey Johnson and Diane von Furstenberg, she's her own muse."

5. "Designers design. If you can design a house, you can design fashion. If you can design a table setting, you can design fashion."

6. "She's had a lot of experience with clothes, so she knows what looks good. She's a risk taker, which I applaud, but it also means you're at risk."

7. "...understands construction — lingerie is all about the details, so he has that sensibility."

8. "The real success or failure of the challenge happens [during fabric shopping] at Mood. [Her] textile aptitude is just especially well honed."

9. "He can infuse clothes with whimsy, some Schiaparelli-like wit. But where's the line between fashion and costume?"

10. Big personality alert: "Let me put it this way — if everyone were [her], I would've run for the hills!"

11. "He's very adept at tailoring, which is certainly needed in womenswear." Bonus: "He's charismatic, funny, and incredibly likable."

12. "Her conflict was, Is this fashion or wearable art? She really wanted to debate that. You'll see it on the runway and in the workroom."

13. "His presence is like Cassie on A Chorus Line, like 'I can dance circles around these people.' Guess what? The others are really good."

14. For the biker (she used to ride with Hell's Belles) and rabid Sonny and Cher fan: "It's always a matter of who she's going to be for this challenge."

15. "He could pierce the tension in the workroom with his levity. Sometimes I'd say, '... don't you have anything funny to say?'"